Corey Harris
Mt Fuji

About Me

Hi, I am Corey. On the internet and in the metaverse I am Digital Corey.

Like many carbon based life forms I am not only one thing, rather, a number of things at the same time.

I am:

  1. A reader.
  2. A thinker.
  3. An Expat.
  4. A curious person.
  5. Passionate about Digital Assets, Technology and Financial Independence.
  6. Passionate about not letting the next generation of under represented young men and women be left behind by technological change nor excluded from it's opportunity.

Wise Words I Live By

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



Hampton University, B.A. Political Science, Minor Economics and Spanish

University of Virginia (Español)

Boston College (Double Eagle), J.D./MBA

UC Berkeley Law, LL.M

Middlebury (日本語)

Oxford Saïd Business School (Progamme on Valuation of Private Assets)